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some ideas for alternative solutions, tell me if they already are a thing.

get a book/ask the nerd for a solution to the crows second riddle.

fight the guard to take the compass by force.

also maybe you should remove the infinite donut farming exploit

sorry ignore this, updates are way too long gone XD

Heh, it's fine x3 I might remember those suggestions if I make another adventure game ~

There are 5-6 different endings to explore if you're interested (if I remember correctly) each are very different to complete and ranging with difficulty. I've made it so that 2 of them, the golem and the door, are very easy and the most likely ending people will get while the rest are a bit more unlikely. The guard is actually an ending that does not require any items or equipments to complete, but it is a hard puzzle. The crow though, while it is an ending too, is actually one of the hardest ending to complete so I don't expect anyone to solve it, ahaha.

i actually did solve the crow, but i think its just from luck.

i can knock the compass over and knock the book over, but there doesn't seem to be a way to get the key.

is there a walkthrough? i dont really wanna slog through this dungeon, it doesn't even have a map feature.

nevermind i did it